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Ines’s Potato Salad


Ingredients and Process

Potatos! (haha)
(yellow) onion and/or spring onion (don’t put too much onion, depending on the amount of potatoes not more than one)
pickled cucumbers – now this is special: buy the brand they sell in Organic Food shop (BioNova) or go to Spinneys and buy “Stollenwerk”. any other pickles won’t work because the taste is different

bell pepper (i always add it to add some colour)
finely chopped apples – this is the traditional version we eat at home, i dont add apples, i like it without
if you want, you can also put radish (the little red ones)
capers! (i love them so I add them chopped so people who dont like capers won’t notice that they’re actually in there)

a science on its own – here is what i do:
i mix a bit of mayonaise with yoghurt (healthier) and the juice from the pickled cucumbers (this is the secret ingredient but dont put too much as it becomes soggy) and a little bit of mustard, salt, pepper

once you mix it, do it carefully as the potatoes can fall apart easily. choose potatoes which are for salads (“solid cooking”) not the mushy types. I cook them with peel and then chop them with peel but if you want, you can also remove it beforehand. generelly it is better to cook potatoes with peel because the taste is different. Better to buy the small potatoes.